Danh sA?ch cA?c tr?�a�?ng cA? ha�?c phA� tha??p ta??i Canada

du học Canada

Ba??ng d?�a��i A�A?y nA?u tA?n cA?c tr?�a�?ng cA? ha�?c phA� tha??pA�ta??i Canada (ta�� 14,000 CAD tra�Y xua��ng), vA� nha�?ng tr?�a�?ng A�?�a�?c tA? vA�ng cA? hoc phA� ta�� 10,000 CAD tra�Y xua��ng. CA?c ba??n cA? tha�? vA�o tra��c tia??p Website ca��a tr?�a�?ng A�a�? tham kha??o thA?m.CA?c tr?�a�?ng cA? ha�?c phA� tha??p ta??i Canada

Ta��nh Ha�?c phA� trung bA�nh (CAD)/nA?m
British Columbia
Thompson Rivers University 13800
University of Northern British Columbia 10624 a�� 16528
University of the Fraser Valley 12720
Vancouver Island University 12500
Athabasca University 9440 a�� 10490
Concordia University College of Alberta 11020
Mount Royal University 11011
The Kinga��s University College 9920
The University of Lethbridge 11150
University of Saskatchewan 13182 a�� 13806
Brandon University 6219
Canadian Mennonite University 11400
The University of Winnipeg 11284
UniversitA� de Saint-Boniface 7465 a�� 9308
University of Manitoba 11287
Algoma University 12527 a�� 13250
Dominican College of Philosophy and Theology (Dominican University College) 5000
Nipissing University 11500 a�� 14500
Saint Paul University 9836
University of Guelph 9730 a�� 17430
New Brunswick
St. Thomas University 12855
UniversitA� de Moncton 8972
University of New Brunswick 12982
Nova Scotia
Acadia University 13993
Cape Breton University 12130
Mount Saint Vincent University 11565
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD University) 12864
Saint Marya��s University 11960
St. Francis Xavier University 13166
UniversitA� Sainte-Anne 8290
Newfoundland & Labrador
Memorial University of Newfoundland 8800
Prince Edward Island
University of Prince Edward Island 11150


Sinh viA?n qua��c ta?? vA?n cA? tha�? ha�?c ta?�p vA� lA�m via��c ta??i cA?c tr?�a�?ng cA? ha�?c phA� tha??p ta??i Canada. A?a��ng bA?n khoA?n vA� Canada va?�n luA?n A�a��ng A�a?�u va�? na�?n giA?o da�?c tiA?n tia??n trA?n tha?? gia��i. ThA?m na�?a, du ha�?c sinh cA? tha�? la��a cha�?n thA�nh pha�� A�a�? ha�?c ta?�p cA? chi phA� khA?ng cao, hoa?�c A�i lA�m thA?m. Thao kha??o thA?m ta??iA�LA�m thA?m ta??i CanadaA�hoa?�cA�A?a??i ha�?c chi phA� tha??p ta??i Manitoba - Canada.